Jim Maddux, 1580 KDAY Los Angeles | March 15, 1976

Despite it’s years as a mainly R&B and Soul station, 1580 KDAY would earn it’s place in the sun as what could be termed the very first “Rock 40” format – some 8 years before WLS Chicago earned the format title. The format was relatively short lived, two or three years, from what I remember people telling me, but in some ways, KDAY became legendary, if not for the Rock 40 format, for it’s ‘first in the nation’ Rap format which followed on from roughly 1977 through the 1990s.

This recording is from the end of the Rock 40 format.

Not knowing much more about the background of this station, I’ll once again invite our West Coast ‘expert’ to share his thoughts, and perhaps you have some personal memories of this AM Rocker that you’d like to discuss with ol’ CalRadioPd – I’m sure he’ll be along shortly!

Most searches will bring up the current day 93.5 KDAY, a Hip Hop station in Los Angeles.