QuickChexx: Rick Shaw, 98.7 WOR-FM New York | Winter, 1972

98.7 New York WOR-FM

Rick Shaw is possibly best remembered for his days at 610 KFRC San Francisco. It is likely no coincidence that Shaw was on both stations, as KFRC and WOR-FM were co owned by RKO-General.

This moves right along, and as short as this clip is, you get a feel for the radio station and for Rick Shaw’s talent as a Top 40 deejay. One could definitely look back and feel that Shaw was merely prepping for the essential part he would play in the late 70s and early 80s lineup at the enormous KFRC.

Airchexx.com gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Steve Bleecker in donating this high quality recording. Thanks also to Andy Kitchen and Henry Frick for their roles in bringing this wonderful recording to our archives, so that all may enjoy and remember how radio was, and how it should be. Thank you.

Contributor Steve Bleecker writes:

“I need to Publicly say “Thanks Much” to Mr. Henry Frick, who is now retired, and living with his wife of many years, in Ft. Worth Texas. Before his long and Successful Career in Railroading…Henry and I were Curry College Buddies in Milton, Mass., and so many of the tapes I now have been able to share were given to me many years ago…and were painstakingly recorded by Henry, either while he was at school, in Milton, or in Greenwich, Conn., at his parent’s home. So…we are so Very Grateful, Henry ! Thank You !”