QuickChexx: Terry Nelson, 64 KFI Los Angeles – DX Reception | 1978

640 Los Angeles, KFI, Terry Nelson, 64 KFI

Contributor J. R. Russ sent this in quite a while ago and while it was labelled ‘1976’, obviously the music zooms us in on 1978.

This is not the typical aircheck you’d normally hear on this website. It was recorded a long distance from Los Angeles, and I really can’t tell you where from, but the filename included ‘KFI in MC’, if that helps. This was recorded in the 9pm hour, Pacific time. Also, there’s something else trying to come in in back of KFI, possibly from Mexico or Canada? Who knows?

We have very few airchecks of KFI and there’s not many anywhere from 1978, so this is a gem, even if the quality is poor and the length short. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you do hear.