The Aircheck Factory Presents: The Z-104 Tapes – RELOADED

104.1 Frederick MD WZYQ Z104

Originally provided on CD by Norm Miller, here’s a fantastic look at WZYQ Frederick & WZYQ-FM Braddock Heights, a station that ended up in recent years a simulcast of Washington DC’s Z 104. This compilation spans an entire decade from 1975 to late 1984. It’s introduced by voiceover king, programmer and fabulous jock Charlie Van Dyke!

Ultimate credit for this compilation goes to Howard Johnson, who put this together while at Z104. This is undoubtably one of the very best and one of our most popular airchecks ever (not to mention, it was the very FIRST aircheck which posted on way back on May 3, 2002!!. Howard gave this copy to Norm Miller, who at the time was my Program Director at WJZN Memphis – and he in turn donated a copy to

And now, ladies and gentlemen, presenting once again, this time in HIGH QUALITY audio form, The Z-104 Tapes!