Rick Dees’ Final Show on KIIS-FM Los Angeles | February 10, 2004

102.7 Los Angeles KIIS-FM KKDJ Bruce Vidal

How does a legend say goodbye to the second largest audience in America, not counting the then budding XM Satellite radio audience? How does this website even pay tribute to this particular morning, a day which many observers mark as one of the largest bloodlettings of all consolidation events since 1996? To be sure, one career’s demise is another’s beginning (we’re talking, of course, about Ryan Seacrest), but at least Clear Channel DID allow Dees one last show.

Chris Salisbury contributes this audio, writing that he used to work for Clear Channel, at an affiliate in Lancaster, CA on the “morning that Dees took his exit”, and recorded the entire show on minidisk. Indeed, he did a great job of scoping the final product down for us, and we have a nearly perfect, studio-quality hour and a half complete final show of the great Rick Dees on Kiss-FM! Thanks, Chris!