Robert W. Morgan, “Boss Radio” 93 KHJ Los Angeles | May 18, 1968

930 Los Angeles KHJ Boss Radio


KHJ airchecks are somewhat of a rare commodity these days. It seems as if most of the tapes that were out there have been digitized already. Well, here’s one that gets to see the light of day. A never-before posted aircheck of Morning Man Robert W. Morgan!

You will notice right off that KHJ is VERY sold out! The morning show is full of commercials. Even scoped, there’s only a few (snippets) of songs in this recording. There is, however a full KHJ 20/20 newscast by J. Paul Huddleston, presented in a sticcto style that nearly everyone who remembers hearing KHJ in the 60s remembers! There’s news about Massachusetts Senator Bobby Kennedy, a warehouse fire and Richard Nixon is noted as being the only Republican on the primary ballot!

Robert W. Morgan reads a couple of live commercials in this, and, of course, has some really cool one-liners over song intros, as he works the original Top 40 format to perfection!


This was digitized by Magic Matt Craig (his radio name) from cassette for his Big Apple Airchecks trading website. The audio quality is okay. It’s clear, but somewhat distorted. This could have been because of the source recording being recorded with the radio volume too loud. One very good thing about this is, it appears to be only a second generation recording, the original being from Reel, transferred to the source cassette. There is very little tape his. If the slight distortion doesn’t bother you, this is a decent quality recording of great historical significance to those who remember the year 1968, or who remember KHJ and miss this great AM radio station.

This aircheck is offered in two forms. Audio-only using the player below.

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