7 thoughts on “Rosko (Bill Mercer): A “Trip” Into Progressive Rock – 102.7 WNEW-FM New York | December 16, 1970

  1. The time frame of December 1970 seems right since “We Got to Live Together” was released about that time by Buddy Miles.

    An excellent history of WNEW-FM’s progressive years is “fm: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio” by Richard Neer, who was PD, morning man and music director among other positions during his years with the station.

    As Rosko ended every show, “I sure do love you so.”


    1. Re Timeframe: This is the live version of “We Got To Live Together” from the Buddy Miles – Live album. The release date for that album is 1971. Doesn’t mean that a prominent jock like Rosko wouldn’t have had a pre-release copy of the song in Dec. 1970 though.

  2. Wasn’t he also on 92.3 WKTU in the late 70’s, early 80’s? I can swear he was also on the tv commercials for 92 KTU saying “92 KTU, where every second sizzles! 92 KTU Hotter than ever!”

  3. Fun to hear- I listened to Rosko many a night at that time, while doing my HS homework – and yes, this sounds familiar and typical of his presentation. Once in a while he would read a poem and then play a record with a similar theme, but often he would keep the talk to a minimum. Sometimes he would segue six or eight tracks in a row, opening the mic only to say the names of the artists. I don’t think it’s unusual that there’s no mention of time/temp or any of that. Rosko’s style was to be super-cool and the music was the star of the show. There’s one gap in this tape of a minute or so – perhaps for some reason a station ID and a spot or two were erased?

  4. Rosko left WNEW-FM in March of 1971, when he moved to France. He continued doing American radio via syndication, with a show that was virtually identical to his WNEW-FM show, except that there were no mentions of the station calls or of “Metromedia Stereo”. Considering that this aircheck includes a 1971 Buddy Miles track, I would guess that the original tape was mislabeled with the wrong date.

    1. Rob this must be a syndicated hour. I believe you have it right. Thanks for your work on the NY Radio Archive. I’ll look for you on Facebook. Paul Zullo

  5. I’m pretty sure this is an hour of a show that was syndicated for a short period of time by College Marketing Group. I was working at WGMR-FM in State College, PA in the early 70s and we carried the “Rosko Radio” show at 5pm each weekday. I remember we made a special arrangement to rebroadcast another hour of the show at 6pm each weekday. It was a barter deal and as I recall, CMG kept 2 minutes per hour for commercials they sold. I think they were mostly ads for chewing gum.

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