790 WQXI,Atlanta Simon Trane on 79 WQXI Atlanta | May 1969

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  1. This conversatio is quite inaccurate.Some are conusing Simon Trane with Night Train Lane, an African American who worked the all-night show. WQXI’s Simon Trane is alive and healthy,working a game in a Las Vegas Casino. Mike Dineen, another WQXI alumni visited him about a year ago. He was never a country DJ. I was the Program Director at WQXI in 1969.

  2. Gary – Thanks for clearing that up. I am sorry to hear it was Night Traine Lane with the health issues but equally glad that Simon “Choo Choo Boogaloo Shing-a-ling schuffle” Trane is well – He used to say that shingaling thing every once in a while. I guess Dino is still in Augusta. Talked to Big R two weeks ago. He is still the same. Miss the late 60 Quixie days. What a station !!


  3. “WQXI NO’THsahd temperatchuh, 73.” Wow, EVEN AS BLEEPIN’ RECENT AS 1969!!!!, the Southern drawl was still the old-school version in Atlanta, if you know what I mean. Plus, that was the comedy team of Bob and Ray in the AC spark plugs commercial.

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