Southern New England Reverse Composite, 1983-1978

You can actually hear the hands of time burning backwards as we start off with Dr. Don Brooks on DRC-FM… And I suppose, somewhat out of order. This sounds a lot like 1981 or so. Next, Steve Skipp is heard on DRC-FM and this could easily be 1982 or 83, but you be the judge.

Right in the front-middle of this aircheck is ONE quick break with a Wacky 102  (WAQY Springfield) jingle, then it’s on to 1978 and Jack Lawrence on the SMOKIN’ 1360 WDRC. I mean, this part opens up with Jack doing the outro to Boston – Long time and then just cooks from there!

As a side note, Jack Lawrence was not a screaming Top 40 jock. He would have sounded great at WCCC or WPLR or WHCN… any of those album rockers! And he’s got a good sense of humor, too!



1. Audio-only. Telescoped.

2. YouTube video from the Official Airchexx Classic Radio Channel.
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