Steve Warren, WGLF Tallahassee “Gulf 104” | 1979

Steve Warren, WGLF Tallahassee “Gulf 104” | 1979

Steve Warren sent in what might be the only aircheck available of the old “Gulf 104” Top 40 format. Going back so far that listeners remember 8 track tapes and black and white television. Or, one might think.

This is a fairly tightly scoped aircheck. Notice, no jingles, and what really sounds like a hybrid format, as Steve is playing album cuts on his morning show.


Steve Warren is the CEO of Music 1, which is one of the few large music scheduling software suites available to radio programmers. Hint: It seems easier (ok, MUCH easier) to use than Selector. Steve wrote this program because he felt the need for a better way of computer music scheduling, that includes a format clock, different rotating categories and an intuitive interface that helps maintain separation of artists so well that everything rotates evenly without breaking format rules. Of course, nobody can really describe Music 1 like Steve can, and you can visit his M1 website, //, and learn all about it through his series of training videos.

Steve has been a jock, a programmer and a consultant

Not bad for a guy who started off like the rest of us, doing weekends back when all we had were records, carts and reels!