Steve West Last Show, WMC-FM Memphis | October 30, 2005

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Date of Recording: 10.30.2005
Station: 99.7 WMC-FM Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Format: Hot Adult Contemporary
Featured Air Personality: Steve West
Contributor: Steve West

It’s another WHATEVER WEEKEND, here on FM 100!


FM 100 was the culmination of a career to me. True, I was only full time there for one Summer, but the station’s reputation, the life, the energy… the whole aura that surrounded this station put me in a trance from the first day I entered the building.

I can’t say why I hold such an emotional attachment to WMC-FM. I will say that this particular evening was the last time I was on major market radio, the last time I got to interact with callers or really be myself on a commercial radio station. Given my feelings toward this station, and Memphis, Tennessee, its little wonder why I was very emotional on this day.

At the end of this, is my farewell to Memphis. Nobody does a farewell… I figured what the heck. I wasn’t going to get to be on Memphis radio anymore. So, I had this really good speech I wanted to give, and wouldn’t you know it… my son, who was at the station with me, decided at that moment to enter the studio and just start talking to me while I was trying to speak… thus, lots of long pauses as I tried to remember exactly what I wanted to say but hadn’t written it down. Kids hahahaha…. But in the end, it was my son who was the reason I had to leave in the first place, so perhaps it was appropriate that he be there to remind me that it wasn’t the listeners or even radio that my first responsibility was to.

Nevermind. I’m just rambling.

If you’re a radio person, how did you leave your last gig?