Steve West’s 2020 Jingle Montage. A Jingle Lover’s Ear Candy!

Airchecks and Jingles

From the dawn of the Top 40 radio era, jingles have been a part of radio broadcasting. There have been several companies that specialized in jingles just for radio. Jingles. Short little ‘songs’ where singers sing the call letters and slogans of radio stations. I can’t imagine being hooked on radio had there been no jingles, as they have been so much of the listening experience!

I’ve collected a number of great jingle samples over the years. Demo packages that I purchased from JAM, PAMS, and others. Airchexx has had a number of old packages donated to us since 2002 as well. But I decided that since creating something interesting is time and labor-intensive and I should probably utilize some material I already produced. So I went back and loaded up a previous montage that I had done back in 2004. It’s with these tools, I decided to create something new. I think making a jingle montage such as this needs to be interesting and something that flows well. So, I’ve just left intact some of these package introductions as they appear on the demos. There’s a bit of mix and match. Some, I spliced out of airchecks.

I hope you enjoy this, a true labor of love.

All copyrights belong to the respective jingle companies and we do not claim any rights aside from the creativity of this compilation in its entirety. All of what you hear is publicly available from each jingle company or is heard on many of the radio station airchecks available on this website or from other sources on the web.