Sue O’Neal, 98.7 WXLO 99X New York | October 30, 1979


Courtesy of longtime Contributor Tony Impieri, here’s a ‘new’ aircheck featuring Sue O’Neal. It’s in high quality Stereo! Why is that important? Considering the sound of today’s compressed and over processed FM stations, this is very refreshing. I noticed, and I’m betting you will too, that you can hear how good WXLO sounds here. Great separation, not over compressed, and certainly no digital noise to clutter up the sound!

This was the last ‘quarter’ of 1979, and things were rapidly changing at WXLO. Note the use of jingles here, whereas in prior years there was just the one 99X shotgun jingle, these are a bit more melodic, especially at the top of the hour. In 1980, WXLO would abandon Top 40 for AC, and within a few short years, drop even that in favor of a very long stint as Urban WRKS. Today, you’ll not hear any music, just non-stop Sports as New York’s FM ESPN outlet.

It might be just your silly webmaster but the music was so good in late 1979! It may be scoped, but this might convince you to find these songs and listen all the way through.

Find today’s WXLO (Fitchburg/Worcester, Massachusetts) right HERE.

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