800 CKLW,Detroit/Windsor,Keith Teicher,Max Kinkel “Super” Max Kinkel, CKLW “The Big 8” Windsor (Ontario) | January 21, 1976

“Super” Max Kinkel, CKLW “The Big 8” Windsor (Ontario) | January 21, 1976

800 Windsor Detroit CKLW Motor City


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“… on the Money Station, C K L W!!”

Six minutes of Motor City madness with Super Max! This is the station once considered the third most listened to station in the world!

‘Super’ Max Kinkel is filling in for Ted ‘The Bear’ Richards, who is with the Bay City Rollers this particular evening and is going to be arriving in the CKLW studios a bit later. Super Max even makes mention of the crowd gathered outside the studio awaiting Ted Richardsarrival with the band.

CKLW is giving away lots of money during here at the start of 1976. In fact, this aircheck starts out with Kinkel giving one lucky listener $50.00 for knowing the right numbers… obviously a great listener!

This aircheck ends at 9:06 pm (CKLW time), with Ted Richards arriving in the studio and doing a 15 second bit with Kinkel just before going into a commercial break. We never do get to hear the interview with the Bay City Rollers. We just leave it up to your imagination as to what it sounded like.

Another, in the exciting collection of Contributor Keith Teicher!

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