The Greaseman (Doug Tracht), WWDC-FM ‘DC101’ Washington | 1983

He was irreverent. Bold. Outlandish. Wierd. And certainly not your run-of-the-mill radio personality. Doug Tracht, better known as The Greaseman, had a way about him on the air that no one before or since ever did. It’s probably indescribable, the stories, mumbling and sometimes just plain highly suggestive gibberish expelled by Grease’… but sometimes, it was just genius.

Here’s a slice of morning radio at DC101, presumably several clips from different shows and all of it from 1983. From Greaseman’s own parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” to a skit with the setting being the jungles of North Vietnam, this composite aircheck runs the gambit from the sexually suggestive to hilarious, to the downright serious.

As Contributor Steve Bleecker described it:

IT IS LONG …But…to Greaseman fanatics…It’s GOLD ! And…so funny…so incredibly Unique and “Grease Clever” !

At one time, The Greaseman OWNED Rock Radio. Its too bad that one mis-placed comment brought him down. Radio sure could use a dose of the Grease right now.