Time Machine Jingles, Sweepers, & Promos, 66 WNBC New York | 1986

wnbc logo 1980 2


It wasn’t around for very long, but so many people loved WNBC & The Time Machine! It was one of NBC’s most popular features at the end of it’s run on 66 AM in New York. The Time Machine was a great recreation of late 1960s WABC, right down to the PAMS jingles, resung for WNBC. It may have been the mid to late 1980s, but they were rocking like it was 1968. It even had the reverb cranked just like WABC in it’s Musicradio heyday. The Time Machine started as a nighttime show, that became so popular, WNBC expanded it to weekends, and then middays, when Soupy Sales left the station. If you enjoyed the Time Machine, you may enjoy this audio a friend passed along to me a few years ago, with jingles, sweepers, & promos WNBC used for the The Time Machine. For about 2 years, WNBC did an amazing job recreating the sound of the ’60s.


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