Uncle Johnny, 107.3 WRQX Washington DC | December 26, 1983

107.3 Washington WRQX Q107

Date of Recording: 12.26.1983
Station: 107.3 WRQX Washington DC, USA
Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR)
Featured Air Personality: “Uncle Johnny” Walker (WWCO/WRBQ-FM/WRQX/WZOU/WXXL/WSHE/WQJQ/WMGF/WSIG)
Contributor: Robyn Watts


Back to the day after Christmas, 1983 for a great, original recording of Uncle Johnny (WZOU) at play on Q107. Listen for plenty of overplayed CHR stiffs, like Shannon’s “Let The Music Play”, Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and more… only the intros, gang, to keep us out of hot water with the copyright police.

Neither Q107 nor it’s competitor 105 WAVA survived the CHR format.  WRQX went in an Adult Contemporary direction, and WAVA was sold to Salem some years later, and left ‘secular’ music altogether.

Unique, if not plastic sounding jingles, dead segues and the talent of Uncle Johnny… A real mix of music on a station that today blandly calls itself “Mix 107.3”. In so many ways, a breath of fresh air from today’s sameness… from 1983, HitRadio Q107!