Wink Martindale, 980 KFWB Los Angeles | June 2, 1965

Wink MartindaleDate of Recording: 06.02.1965
Station: 980 KFWB Los Angeles
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Wink Martindale (WHBQ, KFWB)
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks
Post Date: 12.03.2017
Airchexx Entry: 1,530

The KFWB Principal of the Year contest has just two weeks to go!…

Curator’s Notes:

If you thought Wink Martindale seemed a little ‘stiff’ on the WHBQ “Saturday Morning Dance Party” from 1956, here’s a different side of Wink. Martindale is doing the morning show on KFWB and this is a music intensive show with a very upbeat presentation!

The “Principal of the Year” contest is in full swing. Is there a station doing a similar promotion today, in the U.S. or Canada? Also, this comes with an obligatory PARENTAL ADVISORY for advertisements of Winston Cigarettes and numerous beer commercials. Who woulda thought it would be legal for either, especially in the morning show?! But this was 1965 and the FCC had yet to ban cigarette advertising just yet.

Wink tells us the date about midway through this high quality recording. Wednesday, June 2, 1965. It’s not often we get that kind of confirmation of the exact date inside the recording. This aircheck arrived with just the date of 1965 on it.

Engineering note: This recording is yet more proof that between a full 15khz bandwidth allowed by the FCC and decent, wideband AM radios – they all were back then, AM radio sounded pretty good, and without the background tape noise, this would be better quality than digital HD. Think about THAT you AM naysayers!