Wolfman Jack, 66 WNBC New York //First Show | August, 1973

Wolfman Jack at WNBC, 1970s
Making one of those rare memorable appearances where you actually hear the Wolfman say the station call letters, here’s the late, great Wolfman Jack, allegedly on his first show at WNBC New York!

By this time in Wolfman’s career, he was in great demand and making appearances at stations all over the country. If this IS indeed his ‘first’ show at WNBC, it was one that would last for quite a while, replaced by crosstown WABC Jock Cousin Bruce Morrow a few years later. (an interesting side note, “Battlestar Galactica 1980” would feature an episode where the Cylons befriend the Wolfman and get invited to ‘WNBC”‘s studios – because the Cylons needed a high powered transmitter to tell the Cylon fleet where Earth is so they can come and invade. Only, truth is, the clip is actually made in the sister FM studio (WYNY)!)

Watch the episode with Wolfman Jack… in parts)