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J.R. Russ, WBSB B-104 Baltimore | November 1986

Description by Contributor J.R. Russ: “B104, WBSB, Baltimore, 1986. This was a #1 Station programmed by Steve Kingston. J.R. Russ, “utility infielder” for a couple years.” The days of this monster CHR are long gone, so enjoy this silice of PRIME mid-80s Top 40!

Tennessee Composite, 1987

Sent in many years ago, here’s a composite featuring the state of the FM dial in 1987, in the Southern Appalacian region of Tennessee and north Georgia. While this doesn’t represent Memphis, much of the eastern part of the state is covered by these big stations, such as Power 96 (95.7) and WOKI. From Country to Rap, you’ll remember what it was like in the late 1980s, as much of the music audience had moved to FM

QuickCheck: Z-100 New York – 1st Anniversary

This runs less than 2 minutes, but audio is audio! This was recorded on the 1st anniversary of the launch of New York’s second most important Top 40 station right behind WABC… Z-100! This one was sent in by our great friend Matt Seinberg – Thanks!

Dr. Don Rose on 610 KFRC San Francisco | April 18, 1986

Sure, the Big 610 is long gone now, and so is the FM, but we can sure think back to happier times! Here’s the Doctor himself, just months ahead of the format change which took KFRC to nostalgia. The theme for this show is the 80th anniversary of the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and Rose gets serious about warning for preparations, then jokes it off with a parody by “The Six-Tens”… you knew there was a punch line, always is with Don Rose. Dr. Don Rose, 610 and 99.7 KFRC is all just a memory now, but you can enjoy this latest slice of 5,000 watt fun from northern California, courtesy of our really good friend Robyn Watts!

Frequency Swap in Boston – Part 2: WCRB from 102.5 to 99.5 | 12:00 PM December 1, 2006

…”Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa, and his name is Greater Media!” Now on to part two of this simultaneous aircheck. Just for fun I thought it would be cool to put the 99.5 frequency on the right, and the 102.5 frequency on the left and hear it that way… but, well.. not. Way too confusing hahaha! Here’s the recording of 102.5 for your listening pleasure. And, yes. We are going to make you listen to 20 minutes of classical music going into the arrival of WKLB Country 102.5! It only helps to build excitement… plus, Classical is certainly in the public domain so we’re quite sure we’re safe on this one. This is exactly how it sounded at noon Friday December 1, 2006! Please, LISTEN to this entire aircheck. WKLB arrives right on time after the Nati...

Composite: 610 KFRC – Billboard Radio Competition Winners 1980

So, you’re a KFRC fan? RKO fan? If you haven’t heard this composite, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! This came as part of a cassette I got from Earle Augustus from the late WJZN Memphis (and now at U-92 Jazz). No wonder it won the competition! Program Director Gerry Cagle must have had no time for a life – spending his days tweaking the sound that was San Francisco. I’ve read where KFRC was still the number one station in the city – partly due to the fabulous programming, and partly due to topography. In 1980, manufacturers still hadn’t figured out how to make car FM receivers which were less sensitive to the picketfencing effects of high power signals bouncing off the mountains & hills surrounding the city by the bay.. so KFRC reigned supr...

Dale Dorman, Afternoon drive on WXKS-FM Kiss 108 Boston | 1992

We’re talking a Boston radio LEGEND! Dale Dorman’s career in Boston started at WRKO, having come from San Francisco’s ‘Big 610′ KFRC. After WRKO, he was the morning guy for a time at Fairbanks Communications’ WVBF – in it’s subdued top 40 incarnation as F-105. By 1981, Dorman was firmly entrenched as Kiss-108’s afternoon guy, a position he held until 2004 – where he was considered by many to be the oldest Top 40 deejay left in America! Enough about that. Dale can be heard now at WODS “Oldies 103”. We can think of no other best suited to play the music that he knows all so well…

John Landecker in the Afternoon on 89 WLS | 1988

Here’s a slice of the end of WLS as a music station. WLS is running the ‘serial number’ game and Landecker handles the call perfectly… it’s not a boogie check, but good nonetheless.

Human Newman, WHTZ Z100 New York | May 21, 1993

1993 was an interesting year for pop music. One listen to Z100 and you instantly understand that Alternative Rock was THE hot music in ’93, although while you’d never hear it on this station, Country had exploded onto the national music scene as well. Conspicuously missing on Z100 is anything resembling a beat, except that this is Flashback Friday and the second half of this aircheck is solidly 1980s Pop. This is our first aircheck featuring the jock known as Human Newman, and he fits right into the sound of Z100! Courtesy of

Composite: CKLW-FM 94 Windsor Ont. | 1988

Here’s another one we have to make an educated guess as to the year. This was the short-lived recreation of the Big 8 – on FM! Judging from my trip to Detroit in the early 90s, I remember this station and it really DID sound good. One of the very few Oldies stations to effectively recreate the original sound of their AM (KFRC 99.7 TRIED, we’ll give them credit), CKLW brought just about everything back except all the old jocks. Imagine, trying to make new jocks sound like they did at 800 on the dial in 1974. Well, they did it here. Listen for CKLW 20/20 News – one can almost expect Byron McGregor to be anchor!

Composite: 1050 WHN New York | 1980

It occurs to us in light of the brand new 94.7 Nash-FM in New York City, that there was a very successful Country station in the Big Apple some 30 plus years ago when the excitement was still on AM. Looking back, 1980 could be looked at as the era of the best ratings and highest popularity of WHN. Boasting a staff that included today’s WCBS-FM Morning man Dan Taylor, legendary Country personality Del DeMontreau and a cast of legendary Country music stars who regularly appeared on WHN and live in the New York area, the old 1050 WHN had a style and dignity on the air not heard since the station’s demise in 1986. Perhaps its best if we leave the description to the aircheck itself. Straddling the end of side one and the beginning of side 2, this composite highlights the best that W...

Howard Hoffman on 106 KMEL San Francisco | Early 90’s

While the date is unknown, I’m gonna chance a guess here at sometime around 1990 or so. One of our listeners will know for sure. Here’s Howard Hoffman. Known as a pretty wacky personality on the east coast (look for him here at from WPRO-FM, WPIX-FM & WABC), he’s a *bit* more subdued here at KMEL. Hoffman is himself but listeners will notice the latter day liner-card reader mentality showing up on this station. Most jocks it fits, but it does NOT sound like Howard Hoffman when he’s obviously reading verbatim. We know better. Hoffman is an incredible talent! Overall, this is a good aircheck. The station sounds hot and Hoffman sure is having fun like usual. But 90s radio isn’t 70s radio, and it shows. Today, KMEL lives on as a Hip-Hop station.

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