John Landecker in the Afternoon on 89 WLS | 1988

890 Chicago 94.7 Chicago WLS AM & FM Susan Platt Larry Lujack Jeff Davis 94.7 AM FM Chicago John Records Landecker

Here’s a slice of the end of WLS as a music station. WLS is running the ‘serial number’ game and Landecker handles the call perfectly… it’s not a boogie check, but good nonetheless.

89 WLS

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  1. The Admiral

    I used to listen to John “records’ Landecker on WLS when I lived in Wisconsin – a great jock – good pipes, inflection, and excellent on air skills. I used to love how we would say “Its John ‘Records’ Landecker and records is my REAL middle name!” truly a radio legend. I also LOVED the WLS PAMS series jingles – some of the best!

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