October 25, 2021

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to The Greaseman: Part 1 – Doug Tracht, 92.3 WXRK New York | March 30, 1993

  1. Great post. I’ve got my picture of the “duke of dangle” and myself made during his tenure here in Atlanta at Z-93 (now Dave FM) on the wall here in my office at work.


  2. Grease! Avidlistener since 1988. Saw you in the studio in Rockville in 97. Ate the tuna pockets, got the handshake and still have the autograph. Get back on the air buddy. Irving Grasemanowitz forever! I your pontification from the Hobble Do Ga Ga Handbook! Screw the PC crowd. Run it under their noses like a fine cigar!! Bud bud buddy, get back on the air!

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