Barney Pip on Radio 10 WCFL Chicago | September 1 1967

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WCFL Radio 10 Chicago – Barney Pip – September 1 1967

This aircheck features Barney Pip on WCFL Chicago.

Barney was on WCFL from 1965 until 1970. Barney was the king of nighttime radio in Chicago, during the radio war between WLS and WCFL. With his high-pitched (some might say shrill) voice, he was a big part of WCFL ratings performance.

Barney left WCFL in 1970 and wound up on WPIX-FM, New York in 1972. It was reported that he was the highest rated top 40 jock in New York, NOT on WABC. Sadly, Barney, died in an auto accident in Indianapolis at age 57, back in 1994. -Ellis

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