Beth Bacall; Al and Nichole, WTJM “Jammin’ 105” New York, Part 2 | October 21, 1999

Here’s part 2 of our first posting of the former “Jammin’ 105” before they went full-blown Urban.

This picks up where part 1 left off, right in the middle of a station promo voiced by WTJM personality Famous Amos and continues for several minutes. Then, mysteriously, it picks up, apparently either later that same morning or a different day (I really can’t tell), with the Al & Nichole morning show. Now, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear Al Bandiero on this aircheck, as Al was my inspiration for getting into radio all those years ago, from listening to him on WKBW Buffalo via nighttime DX. He sounds GREAT here! He and Nichole have a smooth morning show, and the Jammin’ Oldies continue – only, without the great jingles we hear in part 1.

Both parts of this aircheck, along with an entire box of cassettes of this radio station were donated to us by former New York City resident Steven Green, who these days resides in Texas. Thanks, Steve!

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  1. David

    Beth later DJ’d on Christian Hot AC (now Christian CHR?) Star 99.1 (WAWZ in the New York suburb of Zarephath, NJ) during most of the 2000s, tops from Star 99.1’s inception (format-wise) post-Christmas 2002/early 2003. More trivia on Beth Bacall: she is (to the best of my knowledge, still) married to WCBS-FM deejay Broadway Bill Lee.

  2. David

    I *FORGOT* that Al Bandiero was on Jammin’ 105 during its Urban Oldies era!

  3. Cecelia

    Damn! I remember Jammin’ 105 like it was yesterday.

    I was in high school when the station switched its entire format to rap/hip-hop. I was actually ticked off on the week it changed everything, but got over it in a few hours. LOL!

    BTW, Thank you for sharing this gem!

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