Bob Dayton 1500 KBLA Los Angeles | June 13 1967

1500 Los Angeles KBLA KROQ

KBLA 1500 Los Angeles – Bob Dayton – June 13 1967

For some people, when they hear the name Bob Dayton, they automatically think of the the guy who was fired from WABC in 1965, when he commemorated the twentieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, by playing The Crests “16 Candles.” It was an unfortunate gaffe. Bob’s broadcasting career was so much more than that.

Bob Dayton was a fast, witty jock, came WABC in 1963, from WIL in St Louis, where he worked with Dan Ingram & Ron Lundy. After his two year run at WABC, Bob went to work at 1500 KBLA, and then 1110 KRLA in Los Angeles, but returned to New York a few years later, and spent time on air at 102 WPIX-FM and later 101 WCBS-FM. In Summer 1982, Bob was supposed to be part of ABC’s “SuperRadio” satellite format which was programmed by Rick Sklar, who fired Bob from WABC in 1963, but the service was scrapped before it was launched.

On This aircheck, you’ll hear Bob from his post WABC days, at 1500 KBLA Los Angles, from 1967. The audio quality of this aircheck is not perfect, but I figured it is still worth sharing. -Ellis



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