Brett Provo, “Springfield Tornado” – 94.7 WMAS Springfield Mass. | June 1, 2011 4:05-5:10 PM

Contributor Brett Provo knows something about tornado coverage – after having the now infamous Springfield tornado pass within one block of the WMAS studios, Brett says on air, he’s an afternoon host turned meteorologist… or, “WMAS, all weather, all the time”.

This ‘check is 94.7 WMAS from immediately before till a bit after the tornado touched down and was retreived off the WMAS airchecker at the station for presentation here. Thank you, Brett.

You can watch a video made by Steve Malfas, driving on the Massachusetts Turnpike listening to Brett Provo and WMAS Midday Jock Rob Anthony more in-depth storm coverage in the background, a bit later than this aircheck.

At the time this was recorded, nobody knew the extent of damage in Springfield, or the power of this confirmed EF3 tornado being unleashed upon communities to the east. This is especially true since strong tornadoes in this part of the country are extremely rare, the last storm of this magnitude having occurred in 1954 in Worcester, some 35 miles to the east. One thing was certain, those who had been watching WWLP 22 for a weather update were horrified to watch the tornado form and drop to the ground right before their eyes on live television, as the TV cam on top of one of springfield’s few hi-rise buildings just happened to be focused on the exact location where the twister formed.

Watch this thing form right in front of you. Quite unbelievable.

WWLP-DT 22 Springfield

Not to minimize tornado coverage anywhere else, this just happens to have more recorded media coverage sent in than elsewhere due to the rarity of the event in Massachusetts. Airchexx encourages any others with media they wish to donate for exhibit from any other recorded radio or TV event anywhere to Contact Us.


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