Broadway Bill Lee, 103.5 WKTU New York | May 30, 1997

103.5 New York WKTU WAPP WQHT Broadway Bill Lee Al Bandiero Paul Cubby Bryant

New Contributor Cecelia Taylor-Hunt sent in over 90 minutes of Bill Lee on “The Beat of New York”. Before you say, ‘this isn’t top 40’, you really must listen.

103-5 KTU is doing some killer promotions around this time, and remember, this was 1997, and all the consolidation which ruined even the big stations hadn’t happened yet! KTU has jingles, killer imaging and even better jocks! Listen as Bill Lee puts his wife on the phone, reminding him (and the listeners) that Al Bandiero is getting married! And incidently, Mr. Bandiero is on KTU after Broadway Bill Lee – and don’t we wish we had the audio for THAT!

Read the history behind 103.5 FM today’s WKTU Here.

Listen to Bill Lee on 610 KFRC San Francisco from 1981 Here.
Listen to Bill Lee doing CHR on 103.5 WAPP from 1985 Here

103.5 New York WKTU WAPP WQHT Broadway Bill Lee Al Bandiero Paul Cubby Bryant

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  1. Jeff L

    Obviously from a cassette tape with the speed a little off. Almost doesn’t sound like Bill! Haha

  2. Gary Kerns

    Several years back, KTU had a subchannel that played country. Currently, NYC’s country station is WNSH, based in New Jersey (Newark, I think). I believe it’s 94.7 FM. I know for a fact the call letters are WNSH. KTU also sent me a t-shirt back in ’98. They also invited me to visit. I live in West Virginia, but if I’m ever in Gotham, visiting KTU will be one of my first orders of business.

  3. Gary Kerns

    KTU was at 92.3 up until ’85. Now 92.3 is CBS-owned and is CHR.

  4. Thanks for posting, Broadway is the best and Bill Schultz Promos, loved being Image Voice for KTU late 90’s, early 2000’s, always a blast!

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