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Carrie Ashton & Chris Robin, 95.1 WRKI ‘I-95’ Brookfield CT | 2006

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Alan Fletcher, here’s an aircheck digitally encoded from the master studio reel. Yes, REEL. Rare as it is in this modern digital age, some people still use this very reliable form of recording. So, this is a very high-fidelity (our younger audience would say ‘HD’) recording.

Carrie Ashton is heard here doing an acoustic set in the main studio of WRKI this particular morning in 2006. This was recorded in the 9AM hour

Anyone in southwest Connecticut who may have heard this broadcast is invited to help us nail down the exact date.


1 thought on “Carrie Ashton & Chris Robin, 95.1 WRKI ‘I-95’ Brookfield CT | 2006

  1. Alan Fletcher says:

    Couldn’t resist recording this when I heard it one morning in ’06… The machine was a 4-track Otari MX5050BQII, Tuner was a silver Pioneer TX9100.

    Please be sure to tune in to Airchexx Radio where you will hear some of the liners I recorded just a few hours ago for Steve, as well as Great music and airchecks.


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