Albany/Troy NY

Ellen Rockwell, WFLY FLY-92 Troy (Albany) | January 27, 1998

Description by Steve West: Yes, WFLY was a huge powerhouse station, from the early 80s on, and this time, we hear Ellen Rockwell on FLY-92! She does one of Leeza Gibbons’ Entertainment Tonight reports during her show! One thing that makes this an historic aircheck is the news that “Seinfeld” is ending with the next episode. Do you remember? Ellen Rockwell… voice sounds so much like Gibbons! No matter. This is an outstanding aircheck for a number of reasons. First, the year is 1998 and WFLY has fantastic local talent. Second, listen for REVERB!!! Third, this is a super-clean, HD quality recording! The tape survived 10 years of abuse and sounds great. Now, over 20 years have passed and the difference between CHR in ’98 and CHR today in 2018 are STARK! Enjoy!

Mike Hotaling, “Capital Region Speaks” – Talk 1300 WQBK Albany

Date of Recording: Late 1990s, exact date unknown Station: 1300 WQBK (AM) Albany, New York Featured Air Talent: Mike Hotaling Contributor: Mike Hotaling Aircheck Entry: 1,439 Looking for that unique gift for someone who loves radio? Maybe a former DJ? If you love our airchecks, you’ll LOVE our shop! Coffee Mugs, Ball Caps, you name it! Click the link! Comments: Its not often that air talent has the opportunity to do both a Talk Show and play Rock Jock at the same time, but that’s exactly what happened to Mike Hotaling. Our Contributor was a jock on WQBK-FM “The Edge” Modern Rocker, and got the opportunity to do his own public service show on the FM side as well, on Sundays, an environmental program called “Earth Speaks”. Here, in this recording, Mike had...

The Demo Never Sent: Mike Hotaling, Classic Rock Demo 102.3 WXCR Albany NY

Date of Recording: Unknown Station: 102.3 WXCR Albany, New York Featured Air Talent: Mike Hotaling Contributor: Mike Hotaling Date of Submission: 08.26.2016 I just found a jem thanks to the cat All kidding aside, finding an almost 20 year old demo tape seemingly out of nowhere can either bring pleasant memories or nightmares. In this case, Contributor Mike Hotaling says, “dont know….was going to send it as an audition tape…very late 90s….then said im out of radio for good…was pissed at clear channel lay offs…” Now, if I were a prospective Classic Rock PD… Classic Rock, Active Rock, Alternative… I’d tell you, “Mike, you’re a perfect fit for the format”. Love the voice, you’re on topic. I like it”. But ...

Johnny Lance, 92.3 WFLY Troy, NY | 1971

Courtesy of Contributor Paul Ford Just over 6 minutes of what we think is the earliest FM Top 40 aircheck in the Capitol District, here’s Johnny Lance on the first pop music incarnation of WFLY. This is from 1971. WFLY will revert to a Classical format for a few years in the mid-1970s before returning to the Top 40 fold in ’78 and remains in the format today.

QuickChexx: Mark Allen, 1540 WPTR Albany | June, 1968

Here’s an early donation from the fabulous Robyn Watts! The recording featured on this tape has seen better times, with a bit of white noise (hiss) present. The night this was recorded, WPTR was subject to fading and a bit of interference from another station at times in the background. Any guesses as to what station might be lurking underneath WPTR? For only a two minute aircheck, we’re treated to some good WPTR jingles, a bit of Mark Allen and the fast pace of this great Top 40 radio station! There are certainly not enough recordings out there of the mighty 1540, in fact, this is the First to grace our website! Aircheck #1,277 since May 2, 2002!

Mike Hotaling, WQBK Albany” 103-5/103-9 The Edge” – November 2, 1997

Mike Hotaling submitted this self-airchecks, saying he just found it after all this time. One of Mike’s final shows on The Edge and it sounds really good! Hotaliing explained that the station was sold and after the sale, The Edge fire most of the airstaff and wound up being a satellite feed. Before long the station ended up changing formats. When the staff was let go, Hotaling says, “That’s when I left radio for good, in disgust”. Enjoy this scoped slice of 103-5/103-9 The Edge, from a time when Alternative was all grunge and the competition to this station was Classic Rocker WPYX, “Pyx 106. Aircheck #1,235 since May 2, 2002

Steve Bleecker, 92.3 WFLY Troy | 1982

Description by Contributor Steve Bleecker: After my 2 year absence from the Radio business, after leaving WROK, Rockford, Il. and joining my Dad’s extremely successful Sales Rep Business…I had ‘Hunger Pains’ to get back on the air …so, I literally pulled the car over, used the pay phone at Denny’s on Wolf Road…and called Kelly Stevens, who was on the air at that moment, and who nicely promised to refer me to Program Director CHUCK TAYLOR! She Did! And I believe that Chuck called me that very evening…and within a few days…I was doing Afternoon Weekends, while still with Don Bleecker Associates. Weekends turned into Full Time Afternoon Drive in late ’82…and Bingo! I was doing my Dream…in Albany, where I was born, in the ...

Steve Bleecker, WFLY 92, Troy (Albany) | 1983

Description by Steve Bleecker: I left for JBQ JUST PRIOR to the “Spring” Arbitron Ratings , which showed Very Big Numbers…NOT ONLY for my Afternoon Drive Show…but for the ENTIRE STATION ! AND…it had been that way for MOST of Chuck Taylor’s reign as FLY’s Program Director ! Matter of fact…that was one of the reasons that Buzz Brindle had been keeping “an eye” on Chuck , later leading to Chuck’s great success at K-Lite/Albany ! WFLY had very nicely , and QUITE ACCURATELY already established itself as ALBANY’S “Hometown Hit LEADER”

Mike Hotaling’s Final Broadcast, “Earth Speaks” – 1300 WQBK Rensselaer NY | 1996

In what would turn out to be its final broadcast, Contributor Mike Hotaling hosts a uniquely local environmental program called “Earth Speaks”. Special guest is Ward Stone. This show deals with the environmental movement and the political consequences of the then-recent elections. “Earth Speaks” was an important community program. Of all the areas which has had to suffer the terrible health consequences of corporate pollution, The Albany area ranks right up there with the Love Canal in Western New York. Environmentalists have been instrumental in getting corporate polluters to clean up the mess made from decades of toxic waste dumping. We won’t get into the company names here or the names and people associated with the environmental movement in this region. Th...

QuickChexx: Steve Novak, WGY-FM “Oldies 99.5” Schenectady NY | Winter 1992

Contributor Steve Bleecker is featured here in this short example of the relatively short-lived Oldies format at the former WGY-FM 99.5. Licensed to Schenectady NY, this signal serves the Albany/Troy market in upstate New York. This is a clean, interference free recording made by our Contributor. We don’t have anything else here of this era of 99.5. The competition was fierce between WGY-FM and 98.3 WTRY, and both radio stations evolved out of their AM sister stations – WGY-FM from what became News/Talk 81 WGY and WTRY from 980 WTRY, one of Albany’s original, long running Top 40 stations of the 1960s and 1970s. Steve Bleecker going by the name of Steve Novak. He is currently retired and living in California. Be sure to follow the highlighted hyperlinks to hear more from S...

QuickChexx: Richie Norris, 980 WTRY Troy (Albany) | February, 1987

When people in the Albany NY area think of their favorite AM radio stations growing up, the first one that comes to mind is usually 1540 WPTR. The next one, undoubtedly, is 980 WTRY. Never a runner-up, at least in presentation, ‘TRY ran Top 40 until sometime in late 1983 or 84. By the time this short aircheck was recorded, WTRY was solidly All-Oldies, a format that would remain well past the year 2000. Here’s a quick listen to Richie Norris. We don’t know what daypart this is from, but we do know its from the month of February, 1987. We have another aircheck of WTRY. You can listen to Rick Mitchell’s final show on what was billed as “MusicRadio 98 WTRY” from 1979 HERE.

Rick Mitchell – Last show on Musicradio 98 WTRY Troy, NY | February 16, 1979

According to Frank Izzo, the contributor of this aircheck, Mitchell had the #1 morning show in the Capitol District for four years. Now, this is his final show. It’s GREAT AM Top 40, complete with TM (c) Fusion jingles and all!