103.3 WODS

Dale Dorman, WODS “Oldies 103.3” Boston | February 21, 2009

A very tired sounding Dale Dorman and his raspy voice plays Boston’s Greatest Hits as the former “Oldies 103.3” plays out its last gasp of 60s music before shifting to a more modern Classic Hits format. Dorman had left the fulltime radio business after his final “Breakfast Club” morning show on September 15, 2008. This recording marks one of his last weekend shows. Frankly, after hearing an upbeat, funny Dale Dorman so many times over the years, I found this recording to be a bit sad. Dale sounds sick. Or at least, tired. His voice is very hoarse and it seems like he isn’t quite his old self. But that personality… he still, even here, doesn’t stop being a person behind the mic. A 20-something would have simply given the station name, this is,...

Boston DJ Legend Dale Dorman ‘Passes’ the Audition – with J. J. Wright, WODS Boston | September 9, 2003

Over a decade ago within the confines of the WODS Studios in Boston, Dale Dorman was welcomed with open arms after spending most of the previous two decades doing CHR radio at crosstown WXKS-FM “Kiss-108”. One of the most recognizable voices in Boston, Dorman was known to several generations of kids, who listened and loved this man with an amazing sense of humor, impeccable way with the English language and morning friend to kids and their parents’ alike. So, on this day in 2003, the late Dale Dorman became the morning voice that everyone’s parents grew up with! From the kids who heard him on WRKO in the 60s and much of the 70s, to the Disco queens of the F-105 era at Fairbanks’ 105.7 WVBF, to the 60s kids’ own children who loved him on “Kiss 108&#...

Liz Solar, 103.3 WODS Boston | 1987

Liz is in for Sandy Benson, and honestly, I can’t tell if her last name is Solar or something else. Sure hope I haven’t mis spelled or mis-identified her. Here’s five minutes of the ORIGINAL Oldies 103, from the early days after flipping from CHR WHTT. WODS didn’t add the POINT 3 to its on air identifier for a few years. CHR is back on 103.3, having flipped to “Amp Radio 103.3 within the past year. Only history will tell if that was a good move or not by parent company CBS.