570 KRQX

Drew Pierce, 570 KRQX Dallas | October, 1984

Thanks to Contributor Robyn Watts, we now fit one of the pieces of the 570 AM puzzle in Dallas. 570 Dallas started off as WFAA – and really, the station that was WFAA began elsewhere on the dial – where every other AM station in America did, at 833 Kilocycles (KC) was at a couple of different frequencies during its life, even sharing time for a long while with WBAP. Eventually, as history shows, the station that would eventually become KLIF moved to 570. KRQX began on July 2, 1983. It perhaps was, the great experiment. Can Rock music survive on the AM band? It did for a time, on the frequency of one of America’s greatest Top 40 stations ever. Yet, the format you hear on this aircheck is not exactly what you’d expect. Motown. Carole King… Classic Rock was a dif...