92.5 WIFI

Al Bandiero, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | June, 1977

“WIFI 92 WITH THE SUMMER OF FM” Courtesy of Contributor Ellis B. Feaster! Some time ago, we were told that Al Bandiero was concentrating on his television career these days. Under what name, we aren’t sure but we do know that his radio career was very successful, having worked under this name in the top markets in America. Truth be known, your webmaster’s career was first influenced by Al Bandiero’s work. Similar WIFI 92 / Al Bandiero airchecks that you may enjoy: Composite: 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | January 24, 1977 Bill O’Brien, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | November 24, 1981 Al Bandiero on WKBW 1520 Buffalo | January 28, 1979 NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Al Bandiero on WQHT

Bill O’Brien, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | November 24, 1981

Date of Recording: 11.24.1981 Station: 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (WIFI/WXTU) Format: CHR Original Owner: General Cinema Corporation Current Owner: CBS Radio Featured Air Personality: Bill O’Brien Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks Comments: Listen to this fairly short scope of Evening guy Bill O’Brien and decide for yourself, is this AC or Top 40? The music is Adult Contemporary, but some fits into the emerging CHR format. But, one persistent fact keeps going around my head, despite all I read about WIFI 92 going AC: The jock keeps talking between EVERY record! That’s totally against the rules of AC formatted stations. Ok, the perceived rules. Perhaps WIFI was in the process of moving towards Adult Contemporary. We could over think this to death, along with ...

Composite: 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | January 24, 1977

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks… There’s not that many people who remember this AM-Top 40-styled FM hit music station. However, some may look back fondly at the station which has been Country 92.5 WXTU since August 1, 1983. 92.5 in Philadelphia started out as W57PH. The first incarnation of this station was on the old FM band, at 45.7 MHZ. The first broadcast date of this station was October 5, 1942. The station was owned by Westinghouse along with sister station KYW. After FM radio was moved to it’s present 88.1-107.9 band, the station moved to its present 92.5 position and obtained the KYW-FM call letters. Then, inexplicably, the station simply signed off the air on August 18, 1958. With that background, we move forward to 1958. The station re-launched, this time with t...

Liz Kiley, 92.5 WIFI Philadelphia | November 24, 1981

Big Apple Airchecks sent the original of this mono, but high-fidelity (and we refuse to say ‘HD’) recording of the Adult Contemporary version of WIFI 92! By this time, WIFI had morphed into a more Adult station, but was by no means a sleepy AC. You’ll even hear Eddie Money’s “Baby Hold On” about halfway through this, but this is SOLID AC, starting with the first song, Barry Manilow’s “The Old Songs”, and continuing with scoped portions of songs from Sheena Easton, Air Supply and Darryl Hall & John Oates. Man, there was some really GOOD music in 1981! Remember Joey Scarbury’s “Believe It Or Not”? Aka, theme from the TV show “The Greatest American Hero” – where the ‘hero’ puts on a red s...