The Airchexx Live! Gigantic Montage – 1960-1984

Date of Recording: November, 2016 Station: HitOldies (Internet Radio) Format: Classic Hits Featured Air Personality: None Creator: Steve West Airchexx Entry: 1,488 …The time is 8 pm, Ron Reilly is on the air, and Chicago is asleep! Comments: This was intended to be broadcast on hitoldies.com Internet Radio on New Year’s Eve, here’s a production that is quite incomplete. I had originally intended this to go right up to 2016 with more news and other audio clips… but as sometimes happens, life got in the way. In this case, I ended up being sick most of December culminating with me spending New Year’s in the hospital with acute pancreatitis.. which the nurse said was just about the most painful thing one can get aside from being shot. But I’m still here! Thi...

VM Demo Tape | 1961

Date of Recording: Unknown Station: N/A Featured Air Personality: None Contributor: Ray Bozzanca Comments: Contributor Ray Bozzanca sent in something that, while not an ‘aircheck’, probably has some historic significance. The VM website (listed below) states: ““A V-M Product” and “The Voice of Music” are the brand names of quality audio products (record players, tape recorders, tube and solid state amplifiers, consoles) manufactured from 1944 until 1977 by the V-M Corporation of Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA” Well, that gives us some insight. Meanwhile, Bozzanca writes: I found a site on the company that made my first reel to reel tape recorder, a VM voice of music. But in talking about old browsers being able to work, they have something at the bottom of the web pag...

Coverage of the Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, WCBS 880 New York, Part 3 | January 20, 2009

Eight years ago, we inaugurated a new era with the swearing in of then President-Elect Barack Obama. It separated the old view of America as represented by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from a new era, which promised “Hope and Change”. History will judge how that hope and change worked, as will the next president who gets inaugurated today. Here’s the final segment of radio coverage from eight years ago today. Radio coverage as heard on WCBS NewsRadio 880, in this segment, the swearing in of President Obama, and the President’s first Speech to the Nation. /

Coverage of the Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, WCBS 880 New York, Part 2 | January 20, 2009

How did radio cover the last presidential inauguration? We just happened to be recording the audio for posterity from Connecticut, monitoring the various AM news outlets. Here’s another sample. In Segment 2, ceremonies leading up to the inauguartion of Vice President Joe Biden. President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney (in a wheelchair) exit. Much of this segment features commentary from the CBS radio network.

Coverage of the Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, WCBS 880 New York, Part 1 | January 20, 2009

While much of the nation watched the inauguration ceremony of the 44th President of the United States on television (and much of that in High-Definition), being that this is a website dedicated to RADIO, we thought it would be good to record for all of history, the radio broadcast of the proceedings of this turning point in American history. This recording actually begins with about 30 minutes of WABC 77 talking about the upcoming inauguration starting at about 10:00 AM, then moves on to news coverage on WCBS 880. It includes normal business, traffic and weather reports, but most of the news centers around the inauguration later in the morning.

Format Change in Chicago: WCFL AM 1000 Becomes WLUP | April 29, 1987

Date of Recording: April 28-29, 1987 Station(s): WCFL AM 1000, WLUP/WLUP-FM 97.9 Chicago, Illinois Featured Air Talent: Steve Dahl, Gary Meier, Jonathan Brandmeir, Patty Hayes, Various others Contributor: Frank Davis Aircheck Entry: 1,423 Comments: “WCFL – Nothing has changed but the religion…” At the stroke of midnight, 4.29.87, The legendary WCFL call letters disappeared forever from AM 1000. So, too, did the unique religious programming. In a final half hour in which the station hosts said goodbye, a farewell show worthy of a great Top 40 station, the staff takes the time to say goodbye to dozens of callers… then goes out with a prayer. The next hour of this hour and a half aircheck is all the new WLUP (AM) in the minutes following the midnight flip, then l...

July 4th Airchexx Special – Jingle Montage Remastered 2007

First posted back in October of 2004 on this site, the original jingle montage ran 31 minutes and was in Real Audio format. I turned this into the July 4th Special for our 7/4/2007 update. Specifically highlighted are jingles from various sources including collector Joe Tedd from Long Island, several JAM Creative Productions packages (which I purchased), and various contributors over the years. Make note of some great, some OBSCURE cuts from WCBS-FM, WABC, WLS, WNBC, WNOK, WAKY and a boatload of individual cuts dropped in from other markets you haven’t heard jingles from in a long, long time! This special is for the jingle lover… and the radio lover. I do say a few words, but mainly stay out of the way of this ‘aircheck’… if you can call it that. Please…...

Steve West hosts “The Big 89 of 1979”, HitOldies.com Internet Radio | January 27, 2016

Date of Recording:January 27, 2016 Station: HitOldies (http://hitoldies.com) Internet Radio Format: Classic Hits from the 1960s – 1990s Featured Jock(s): Steve West (Host), John Records Landecker (aircheck), Fred Winston (aircheck) Aircheck Entry: 1,835 …Another exciting episode of John Landecker and his job! Comments: Its said that imitation is the finest form of flattery. In this case, its a re-creation of what was New Year’s Eve programming on The Big 89 WLS Chicago. I started work on this project back in November, 2015, in hopes of having it finished in time to air on my internet station, HitOldies, on December 31st. But a countdown takes time to both research and put together, just a few elements at a time in between work and family commitments. What one hears in thi...

Johnny Edwards, WLKQ 102.3 Buford, GA | 1997

Just a few breaks of Johnny Edwards grace this micro-short aircheck of “Lake 102” from the Atlanta market. Contributed by Jay Sawyer, this good quality aircheck showcases a decent sounding gold-based format, of which we’d like to hear more of. Today, WLKQ is Spanish, known as “La Raza 102.3/100.1” Aircheck #1,366 since May 2, 2002! **Please remember to LIKE US on Facebook!**

Steve West Counts Down the Top 500 of All Time, 2015 Edition. Part 7, #157 to 96 | May 25, 2015

Our Top 500 of all time was presented in 8 parts over the Memorial Day weekend on hitoldies.com. Its become a tradition, not only here, but at many other radio station tribute sites on the web. I consider this to be one of the best countdown shows each year. I presented segment number 2 on Saturday, May 23. It took eight hours to play all the songs in that segment! Lots of time was spent in production, including adding extras such as classic airchecks and special song and artist features. This segment includes more of the same, and included in the final two hours, the Top 5 CURRENT songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Presented for your continued enjoyment! Aircheck #1,339 since May 2, 2002! If you enjoy what you hear on this website, please make a donation in any amount. Thank you for ch...

Steve West Counts Down the Top 500 Songs of All-Time, Segment 2 | May 23, 2015

Its not often one gets to hear an internet station in our archives (and I’m not opposed to posting one if it’s interesting, has historical significance or is just REEEEEEEEELY good!), so this sort of breaks the rules. Having actually received requests to post this show here, I guess perhaps its time for a bit of webmaster fun. The station is HitOldies.com An internet station which has evolved into what you hear here. Weekends and holidays there’s a staff of live jocks (including me), and we boast playing the greatest hits of four decades… 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Once in a while we even play a bit newer. The occasion for this show is the Memorial Day weekend, and like so many other radio stations, on FM and the web, we did a countdown program. When I get the audio fr...

Tony Impieri’s “Road Trip ’89”, Part 1 | February 19, 1989

Back in 2005, Contributor Tony Impieri sent in a two part scope of an East Coast road trip in which he recorded radio all the way! Talk about distracted driving! Well, back in 1989 there was no such offense on the books, and we’re thankful for that, since this is a fantastic cross-section of radio stations heard from Pennsylvania through Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Tennessee and part of Georgia. I’m struck, once again, how many radio stations were airing straight-ahead Top 40 formats. No AAA, No variations of Rap or “Hot”AC, just either Adult Contemporary, CHR, Album/Active Rock or Country and Oldies. REAL 50s & 60s Oldies! Yeah, 1989 was a VERY long time ago! This is Part 1. You can hear Part 2 by clicking HERE.