Johnny Edwards, WLKQ 102.3 Buford, GA | 1997

Just a few breaks of Johnny Edwards grace this micro-short aircheck of “Lake 102” from the Atlanta market. Contributed by Jay Sawyer, this good quality aircheck showcases a decent sounding gold-based format, of which we’d like to hear more of. Today, WLKQ is Spanish, known as “La Raza 102.3/100.1” Aircheck #1,366 since May 2, 2002! **Please remember to LIKE US on Facebook!** Advertisements

Steve West Counts Down the Top 500 of All Time, 2015 Edition. Part 7, #157 to 96 | May 25, 2015

Our Top 500 of all time was presented in 8 parts over the Memorial Day weekend on Its become a tradition, not only here, but at many other radio station tribute sites on the web. I consider this to be one of the best countdown shows each year. I presented segment number 2 on Saturday, May 23. It took eight hours to play all the songs in that segment! Lots of time was spent in production, including adding extras such as classic airchecks and special song and artist features. This segment includes more of the same, and included in the final two hours, the Top 5 CURRENT songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Presented for your continued enjoyment! Aircheck #1,339 since May 2, 2002! If you enjoy what you hear on this website, please make a donation in any amount. Thank you for ch...

Steve West Counts Down the Top 500 Songs of All-Time, Segment 2 | May 23, 2015

Its not often one gets to hear an internet station in our archives (and I’m not opposed to posting one if it’s interesting, has historical significance or is just REEEEEEEEELY good!), so this sort of breaks the rules. Having actually received requests to post this show here, I guess perhaps its time for a bit of webmaster fun. The station is An internet station which has evolved into what you hear here. Weekends and holidays there’s a staff of live jocks (including me), and we boast playing the greatest hits of four decades… 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Once in a while we even play a bit newer. The occasion for this show is the Memorial Day weekend, and like so many other radio stations, on FM and the web, we did a countdown program. When I get the audio fr...

Tony Impieri’s “Road Trip ’89”, Part 1 | February 19, 1989

Back in 2005, Contributor Tony Impieri sent in a two part scope of an East Coast road trip in which he recorded radio all the way! Talk about distracted driving! Well, back in 1989 there was no such offense on the books, and we’re thankful for that, since this is a fantastic cross-section of radio stations heard from Pennsylvania through Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Tennessee and part of Georgia. I’m struck, once again, how many radio stations were airing straight-ahead Top 40 formats. No AAA, No variations of Rap or “Hot”AC, just either Adult Contemporary, CHR, Album/Active Rock or Country and Oldies. REAL 50s & 60s Oldies! Yeah, 1989 was a VERY long time ago! This is Part 1. You can hear Part 2 by clicking HERE.

Jeannine Jersey on WRXS X-107 Ocean City | July 22, 1999

And just what did CHR radio sound like a scant four years after Telcom 96 set the ball in motion for consolidation of just about everything? This is a pretty good representation of the state of the format as we closed out the 90s – bland (IMHO) music, about 18 commercial units an hour and way overblown imaging production. But, it was an honest attempt to create excitement, and Jeanine Jersey’s voice sounds great on this once decent sounding FM station. And, no negativity intended toward the air personality. We’re sure Jennine Jersey went on to better things in radio after this – at least we hope, she sure has the talent. While we don’t know the exact dates, after this CHR format failed, WRXS went to an Alternative Rock format, then got sold to some Baltimore a...

D-Day Anniversary: CBS Radio Network Reports on the Allied Invasion of France – June 6, 1944

In all of world history, there was never a human conflict which caused so much death and destruction. While the actual fighting took place in Europe and in the Pacific, the war was felt all over the world. Unlike other wars, World War 2 was the first to be fully covered by radio. Radio, the first mass media which delivered the news almost as events took place, had a front row seat at the battlefields of France. The reporters were there, microphones in hand in London, as the Battle of Britain was fought by pilots flying Spitfires and Messerschmits and Jukers. Radio was on the front lines when the Allies crossed the Rhine and invaded the heart of Nazi Germany. This recording, provided under the fair use agreement via, documents the first broadcast by the Columbia Broadcasting Sys...

Norm Thibeault on WHEB 100.3 Portsmouth NH | January 1979

I’ve been looking for an aircheck from this era for years, and now we have one! Today’s 100.3 WHEB is an FM-only Classic Rocker, just your average run-of-the-mill rock oldies station, but, back in ’79, it was THE station to listen to while tanning at Hampton Beach during the Summer. Known as “The Star Station”, this was a not-quite top 40 station with a generous dose of Oldies. From what I remember this was an AM/FM simulcast with AM 750 leaving the air at night (or dropping to some rediculously low power) to protect WSB Atlanta. This aircheck was apparently recorded at night because it’s the FM side (with it’s own jingles). Back in the day, we all listened to the AM side of this simulcast on the beach, flipping back and forth between WHEB and WRKO...

QuickCheck: J.R. Russ on VOA Europe | Sometime 1980s

Its not often we get something truly unique, but one of the short clips our new contributor, J.R. Russ sent in is of the same, heard on the Voice of America. Its very short but you can hear Russ mention different European cities, time zones, and the various stations and frequencies that listeners can tune into. How cool is that?!

“Limelight”, 960 KABL Oakland | September 6, 1960

Suppose you wanted to know what radio sounded like in 1960. You probably thought most stations were playing some sort of popular music. If you judge by this aircheck, you’d be wrong. KABL is licensed to Oakland, but serves the greater San Francisco area. Or, it was in 1960. Back then, the station aired a Beautiful Music format before the format name existed. Listen for an announcement saying, “KABL… Offering Quarter Hour segments of Beautiful Music every hour“. Another slogan heard on this scope is, “KABL… in the air, EVERYWHERE over San Francisco!“. The name of this late afternoon program is… you guessed it, “Limelight”. Listen, as the unnamed announcer paints a beautiful picture as he introduces another segment of Limelight. A f...

Russ & Jono, Virgin Radio 1215, London UK | 1996

Now, from brand new Contributor Ellis Feaster, proof that while music on AM may have been dead in the United States by the mid 1990s, overseas it was still very much alive and well! This is the Russ & Jono show on Virgin Radio 1215. There is a lot of hit music, most of it is Rock based. Also, a ton of news (from the Sky News service). Notice how much they poke fun of U.S. President Bill Clinton…

A Sample of 92.5 KQRS Golden Valley, MN

Sometimes there’s not much one can say about an aircheck. At just over one minute, and not much for material other than a few sweepers, one doesn’t fully experience this Classic Rock station, however, it appears that whatever this was, it still is. Here’s a sample, thanks to Contributor David Hudach.

Jack Daniels, 99.7 WJZR (Z100) Kannapolis NC | December, 1984

For those who don’t know of Kannapolis, its a suburb of Charlotte, NC. That’s the official C.O.L. (City of License) of the former WJZR, known at the time of this recording as Z100, “The Carolina’s FIRST Hit Music Radio Station”. Feel free to discuss why they picked that slogan. Z100 has been gone for so long, we can’t even find an old logo for them! And while it’s tempting to put up the logo for the current station, Classic Rocker WRFX 99.7 “The Fox”, wisdom says just skip it… this time. The jingle package appears to be different than that which was in use at the then-brand-new Z100 New York, but not much. And you won’t hear that many. Jack Daniels starts this off at the Top of the Hour, with all the hits of 1984. Refreshing...

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