Charles Allen, 56 WHBQ Memphis News | 1967

Looking back, for all the history that goes with WHBQ including the launch of Elvis’ career, the station that got Rick Dees noticed, etc., there’s really very little in the way of recorded audio left for us history buffs. Especially the 1960s. What does exist likely was recorded by the people that were there and experienced it firsthand.

Such it is with this full newscast. We’re guessing the year 1967 (and sure that somebody out there knows the EXACT date, because you guys are THAT good!). Charles Allen is the newscaster here. Charlie (as we knew him later as the first morning man on WGKX “Kix 106) sounds great here, in the sticcato, quick reading style that was so commonplace in the 60s.

Charlie gave this to me several years ago while he and I worked together for a short period. At the time, he was the proud owner of some radio stations in Mississippi. Charlie is a wonderful friend and it’s been quite a while since we’ve talked. He gave the site a few other airchecks that we have to find in the bowels of our archives, but (note to Charlie here), I’ll get ’em online.

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  1. Joe Crain

    More likely early 1966, instead of 1967… the “pick hit” at the beginning was 19th Nervous Breakdown by the Rolling Stones was a “pick hit” indicating a new released. It was released in the US as a single in February 1966. Additionally, the story about the Memphis School Board talks about adding to the “Fiscal 1966” budget… Also, the weather forecast featured temps typical of late winter in Memphis. So, I would place the aircheck in either Feb or March ’66.

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