Charlie Brown & Ty Flint, 93.3 KUBE Seattle | February 26, 1988 (corrected)

93.3 Seattle KUBE

California Aircheck #97

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And just when you’ve got the Persian Gulf mastered, we got new stuff out of Panama

Curator’s Notes:
The first Gulf War is underway and it does make the news and morning show here, in an era when it still was okay to do “hard” news items at CHR stations (compared to today, when they only do “fluff” news items from Hollyweird)

I, frankly, can’t describe much of this because I never heard the show before this aircheck but I’ve read that they were a legendary morning team at both KUBE and KJR-FM. Former longtime KJR alumn Norm Gregory has a page dedicated to the two from when they retired in 1997… back when radio personalities worked at a station or in a market long enough to retire, but I digress. You can read Gregory’s page HERE.

You’ll notice that this tape seems to be a bit fast. I did try to slow it down with time/pitch tools but somehow that screwed up the phase of l/r and turned the whole dang tape into a stereo effect you wouldn’t like. It’s something about the tape.

This is courtesy of the deliciously fabulous Robyn Watts Collection, from which we’re still posting after nearly 13 years!

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  1. Justin j.

    Actually, if you listen carefully the American ships in the Persian Gulf were there to protect Kuwaiti oil tankers from being targets during the Iran-Iraq War (which was before the Gulf War). They also mentioned the broadcast day was a Friday, it was Buffalo Bill’s birthday and a Leap Day celebration event was scheduled for that upcoming Monday. With all those references it fairly easy to confirm the exact date of the broadcast as Friday, February 26, 1988 (the date of April 1988 on the cassette is likely the release date when the cassette was originally produced by California Airchecks.)

    It’s also quite possible this isn’t sped up at all. Charlie and Ty were well known for talking rapid fire to each other and comparing their voices to other samples I have of them they voices don’t sound sped up.

    • I initially thought that as well. Problem was, the music sounds very sped up. Perhaps that’s what KUBE did. But I have done a bit of checking myself since adding this yesterday and I believe you are correct on the date.

  2. Justin J.

    The actual broadcast date is Friday, February 26, 1988.

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