Sample: 107.9 WXKS-FM Medford | March 10, 2003

WXKS-FM Kiss 108

J.J. Wright Dale Dorman WXKS-FM Kiss-108 680 Boston WRKO
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“Kiss-108 plays ALL of today’s Hit Music

Curator’s Notes:
I’ll keep this brief since it would take longer to read than listen.
Considering that the jock doesn’t mention his name, and I recorded this right after the WAAF aircheck, I think this is Matt Seigal from his “Matty in the Morning” show. There are no extra voices and it’s too short to get any of the extra reports in. It’s also likely this was recorded after 9 am and there wouldn’t have been much more in the way of morning show material anyway. It’s just too short, scoped down. This recording was actually about 25 minutes long unscoped, but after the music came out, the rest was mainly commericals. Who wants to hear those?

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