Mike Wynn, 1280 KJOY Stockton CA | 1978

1280 Stockton KJOY Great 128

KJOY Studio
The KJOY Studios. Date unknown.
Date of Recording: Unknown
Station: 1280 KJOY Stockton (Website)
Format: Top 40
Branded: “The Great 128
Featured Air Personalities: Mike Wynn (DeeJay), Jeff Stein (News)
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks
Total Time: 11:53
Airchexx Entry: 1,548

Good morning all over your body…!

Curator’s Notes:

Knowing virtually nothing of radio in Stockton, California, it took a bit of poking around to get the history of this radio station. First off, there is nothing that I can describe about this station that isn’t outlined in fairly great detail at the station’s tribute website, //www.kjoy1280.com.

A word about the tape quality. Overall, pretty good. It was received, however, recorded off-speed. I had to adjust for a recording that sounded a few semitones too high (and too fast as well). All fixed, however, I’m not 100% satisfied that this was the correct speed. Close, but as close as I could get it without it going too low and dragging. So, that, and a *little* processing to bring it up to decent quality.

Those who know, please comment on the station, format and jocks in this era of the late 1970s. I’d guess sometime 1978 based upon the hits.

1280 Stockton KJOY Great 128


  1. CalRadioPD

    It starts off with ski conditions…but the music doesn’t fit winter. Go with mid-late Spring, 1978. KJOY was one of two stations in a decades-long Top 40 battle in Stockton. The other was KSTN. About the only truly famous KJOY alum was Don Imus who worked there for a few weeks in 1969 before being fired for the “Eldridge Cleaver Lookalike Contest”. Jack Thayer hired him at KXOA up the road in Sacramento in a heartbeat.

    • Well, I go by the date on the tape on these things. If we can nail down the exact date by the spots and song info, I’ll change it. I hate it when I get something with just a year on it because its very time consuming to nail down the exact date. But that’s why I have YOU to correct things!
      – West

  2. CaLRadioPD

    What’s weird, Steve—is you got this right. 1978. I just took the five minutes with Google to ballpark it as mid-late spring.

    • What’s more wierd is, you actually said that. 🙂 The Lord’s miracles never cease.

  3. Vanessa Windham

    This is my grandpa <3

  4. Ray

    About the parent with the child that has a peanut allergy: As a parent of four kids, making he whoLe Classroom suffer is difficult for me. Peanut Butter sandwiches are a staple for my kids and that child might need to eat lunch in the classroom if that child can’t be close to a peanut.

  5. Matthew Meaney

    I started at KJOY in April. This sounds like just a shade before I started. While we did play “Let’s All Chant” by the Michael Zager Band, I don’t think it lasted very long even though I played it. Looking at weather data it looks like this may have been March.

    The legal ID was Mark Webster. The Telephone Countdown promo was Mark Hunter. I never met Jeff Stein.

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