Sample Morning Show, KOGO Radio 60 San Diego | 1978

600 San Diego KOGO
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Date of Recording: Unknown
Station: 600 KOGO San Diego
Branded “KOGO Radio 60
Featured Personality: Bill Moffitt; News: Ken Grau
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks
Airchexx Entry: 1,549

J.T. on the slide on K O G O..

Curator’s Notes:

I’m not sure what to make of this. Late 70s soft AC or Middle of the Road (MOR) format with a lot of commercials. We never hear the jock’s name but somebody knows. This sounds like a competent station but I know the San Diego market well enough to know there were some powerhouse stations in town, not to mention the FM stations were becoming Giant, legendary stations. How well it rated in this 1977-78 timeframe I do not know, but there’s a line in Wikipedia where someone wrote,

The Shadacks (Ed and his nephew Tom) took over KOGO and 106.5 KPRI, and ran both of the stations into the ground by 1982.

My guess is the answer lies on that page as to what became of KOGO. At any rate, we have what I’d call a typical Full Service AC station here, led by a jock who is nameless. It’s kinda a breath of fresh air to hear this again as it’s not loud, screaming jocks in your face, just someone personable and likeable. And that does sell, assuming the cockroaches they had for sales knew what they were doing.

600 San Diego KOGO
Current Logo Courtesy of iHeart Radio


  1. Ken Copper

    The newsman would be Ken Grau, not Draw. Mornings in those days were handled by Ernie Myers. Bill Moffitt handled middays and I, Ken Copper, did afternoon drive.

  2. Rob Sisco

    My friend Ken Copper confirms that the jock heard is Bill Moffitt who was a well known San Diego persality. Also, the news anchor is Ken Grau.

    • I’ll change that. I’m a bit hard of hearing and the tape was a bit muffled. The only time I heard KOGO was when I was in Radioman “A” School in San Diego in 1984. Thanks for the observation!

  3. As the air personality mentions a game between the San Diego Padres and Cleveland Indians from Arizona, I’m going to guess this was recorded sometime between early March and early April of 1977 or 1978.

    Someone else can fill in more details, but in the late 1970s spring training baseball was played typically between the first week of march and maybe the first couple weeks of April, so I’m going with that as the date for this.

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