Composite: 610 KFRC San Francisco | August 15, 1983

610 San Francisco KFRC

..Tomorrow, Jack Armstrong will be Broadcasting in Stereo, so he’ll have a headache in BOTH ears!

610 KFRC San Francisco
Really now, what more could one ask for in a KFRC aircheck? Dr. Don Rose, Jayne Dornacker playing in traffic, laugh tracks to corny jokes and a stack of teeny-bopper records!!! Not to mention Mark McKay, Bobby Ocean and Jack Armstrong each with a stellar performance on this, the mother of all low-powered AM Top 40 stations! It’s V-J Day in San Francisco and Dr. Don tries to make the most of it!

To be sure, this is radio-heaven, with paradise filled with the sounds of mid-1983 hit music. KFRC surely was the dance-track of San Francisco. Restoring this piece of audio ear-candy sure was a joy. Now, from our servers to your ears, a 45 minute scoped dose of monoized AM Stereo with some of the best AM processing ever to grace a Harris transmitter. KFRC was IT!

In OUR opinion, this one aircheck, representing 1983 CHR on a station which in any other city woulda been on FM, shows the tremendous talent and reach of KFRC. It’s probably the very best this station ever sounded, even better than the Boss years of the late 60s. Just how many of our listeners agree, will depend on how many comments this aircheck receives.


  1. Jason

    I was sad to hear that Jack Armstrong had passed last week. Hope he’s enjoying it up there with Dr. Don et al.

  2. Larry

    I agree, Steve. I always liked KFRC going back to the days when Bill Drake was in charge but this scoped aircheck of what they sounded like in 1983 is the best.

    The station was tight and when you listened, you couldn’t turn it off because you might miss something worth hearing through the music and the jocks. KFRC was smoking in 83.

    You could hear the influence of Dr. Don. I guess his show was the most successful and whoever was programming them wanted people that could each sound like the doctor in their own way.

    It’s no wonder the big 610 was able to hang on for a few more years playing the hits and bringing incredible talent to San Francisco.

  3. Aardvark

    Jayne Dornacker-That is a name from the past. I remember the accident that took her life in the “N” copter back in October 1986. I was working in Jersey at the time having started a new job only a month earlier and listening in the car. Thirty years ago…

  4. 610 KFRC was the Boss……………………………Until KMEL A.K.A. The All New All Hit 106 stomps them out for good!

  5. Hard to imagine that Jan Dorknacker, the good Dr, and Jack Armstrong are all gone. But for those who missed it these airchecks are legend.

  6. CalRadioPD

    So….Harry Nelson and Bill Lee are among the tags for this exhibit, but we don’t hear them in this aircheck?

    Of course, we couldn’t, because KFRC fired Bill Lee in July of 1983, and Harry had left some weeks before to be PD of KKFM in Fargo.

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