Wolfman Jack for the U.S. Air Force, AFRTS | 1971


Wolfman Jack at WNBC, 1970s
Wolfman Jack at WNBC, 1970s
Courtesy of Thom Whetston, we have an excellent quality ‘check of Wolfman Jack, serving his country on the airwaves of Armed Forces Radio. One would never realize how good radio was for the troops overseas as produced by the voices of the men and women in uniform, and the great air talent that donated their time to produce programming for our soldiers, sailors and airmen overseas.

This most likely aired all over Europe and Southeast Asia in ’71.


  1. raddioguy

    The Greatest Dj Of All Time The Wolfman…..Johnny…..

  2. I’m guessing this was one of the USAF packs that Wolf did in the 70’s. I don’t think it was played in Europe as much as it was made for promotion of the Air Force, which is something he did for YEARS! I have many of them myself.

  3. Walt from Spencer

    I was in the USAF at Udorn AB, Thailand in
    1971. Listened to “Wolf” every night. Well worth the listen!

  4. Paul Urbahns

    This is not an AFRTS show but rather a US recruiting show produced for the United States Air Force. I have several of these disks and the AFRTS versions. The Air Force shows [30 mins each] have recruiting messages to get folks to enlist. Notice the close syas your local radio station. The AFRTS shows were 60 mins daily and broadcast to folks already in the service so the commericals were more like PSAs talking about subjects of interest to active duty soldiers.
    Great Stuff none the less!

  5. Karl Phillips

    I worked at AFRS Keflavik, Iceland on AM 1484 in 1971 doing weekends and fill in airtime while in the US Navy, so I aired Wolfman’s Show many mornings during my shift. The contributor of this check, Thom Whetson is a friend and has some of my checks on his website.

    There will never be another Wolfman. God made him and knew he wouldn’t be able to best him so God broke the mold.
    Karl Phillips

  6. Mike Hamiel

    Bob Smith, aka Wolf man Jack never aired his show during my two tours with AFRTS on Crete in the 60″s

  7. Jim Amato

    What is the closing music for this air check? I think that Arnie “Woo Woo” GInsberg used the same closing theme at WMEX in the 1960s?

  8. Anonymoose

    The name of the song is “Hand Clappin'” by Red Prysock.

    RIP Wolfie. You may be gone but you’ll never be forgotten.


  9. Mark G.

    This is from a Roger Carroll/Wolfman Jack introduction album that preceded the 80 album set titled “USAF Presents Wolfman Jack” which were played on radio stations in the 1970s as part of PSA time.

  10. Michael c. Melton

    Glad that fighter wiped out afrtn 1972. Sick of wolfmam Jack. 24/7! Sorry about the 9 lives lost.

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