Composite: Howard Hoffman, Stephanie Miller & Jeff Thomas – 97.1 WQHT New York | 1991

97.1 FM New York, WQHT

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts, here’s two separate airchecks of 97.1 WQHT spliced into one composite. Both are from “East Coast Airchecks” Tape #84 Side B.

Howard Hoffman’s voice is so processed, he almost reminds me of Imus in the Morning, WNBC circa 1981 or so. But no, the real Howard Hoffman, whacky as ever shines right through. Sidekick Stephanie Miller (a great talent herself) sounds great also. Lots of time & temperature… all the features you’d expect to hear on a good morning show are here, with a lot of dance/hip hop & pop crossovers thrown in. The imaging is fantastic, although I’ve always been stumped as to why the Top of Hour was produced to sound so similar to Z100’s. “…From the Top top top top top… of the Empire State Building…” You get the picture.
Then this moves on to Jeff Thomas on Hot 97. Here we get to feel the flow of the station during the rest of the day outside of morning drive.

Hot 97 has always been a great station and you’ll enjoy this early 90s classic! Please comment as appropriate below!

97.1 FM New York, WQHT

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  1. Karl Phillips

    Can never get enough of Howard Hoffman !!!

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