Peter Parker, 97.5 WZOK Rockford IL | 1991

97.5 FM Rockford WZOK

Peter Parker is no Spiderman, but he is one entertaining jock. Its sometime in the early 90s, and like most of these East Coast Airchecks tapes, its often tough to nail down an exact date. We’ll say 1991 for now.

Painfully short, at just 2:13, here’s a most accurate representation of a typical day in this era of CHR 97ZOK. Today it’s owned by Cumulus Media – and although it’s still CHR, we’re pretty sure the station doesn’t sound like this today.

Listeners are invited to bring us up to speed as to the history of WZOK.

97.5 FM Rockford WZOK

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  1. Robyn Watts

    WZOK has been CHR in various forms since about 1980. This aircheck was from around early Spring of 1991 judging by the music.

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