Composite: New York City 1973, Volume 1

Thanks to Karl Phillips we have yet another look at radio in the Big Apple. This time it goes back to ’73 and it is an excellent cross-section of AM and FM stations and includes all the big ones.

Included in this composite:

Jonathan Schwartz on WNEW-FM (Begins with a skit called “Nixon Confesses”)
Walt “Baby” Love on WXLO
Norm ‘N’ Nite on WCBS-FM
Jim Quinn on WPIX-FM
WWRL-AM 1600
Sean Casey on WWDJ 970
Cousin Brucie on WABC
then more WPIX-FM & WABC till the end.

This is not a long aircheck but at about 14 1/2 minutes, it’s packed with the best of ’73


  1. Mike L

    That is Don K Reed in for Norm N Nite

  2. Steven Green

    Wonderful aircheck. Good times for New York.

    I also noticed Don K. Reed on the WCBS-FM segment.

  3. Michael

    The WNEW bit with Nixon is hilarious. It is lifted directly from a wonderful, National Lampoon album issued at that time and entitled, “The Missing White House Tapes.” There is even more on that album, which is entirely focused around the Watergate break-in and cover-up. Some of the contributing writers on the Lampoon album would go on to fame on Saturday Night LIVE when that started up a couple of years later. Good Stuff!

  4. W.B.

    I.I.N.M., Gaylord Avery, a CBS staff announcer (famous for not only being heard on the syndicated opening titles for “The Honeymooners” but also opening announcer for many years for Channel 2 News), was the newsman on the WCBS-FM segment. Also interesting that Crazy Eddie’s started out with a different announcer than Dr. Jerry – but it was probably from its airing their commercials on WPIX-FM that that came to be.

  5. wt

    What happened to Jim Quinn? Why did he turn into such a rabid r-wing a-hole?

  6. Nick Sarames

    At that time, Crazy Eddie (back then the store was called Sights & Sounds) spots were done inhouse. Dennis Quin voiced some of them, but the one on this check was voiced by PIX morning man Les Marshack, who would later go to be a very successful VO talent.

    • David

      Earlier in the 70s, Les Marshak was a deejay on WABC. In recent years, he has done some VOs for NBC-TV. And he was the VO for Macy’s for about two decades to a quarter-century beginning in 1985/1986, more or less.

  7. WXLO & Walt Baby Love…Excellent AND “Records” sound like they’re playing at 47 RPM ! Mark Driscoll did the same at “The New BBF”…as he programmed against at WAXC/Rochester, N.Y….Gave the stations Instant Higher Energy !

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