Dan Shannon, 102.7 WBMX Chicago | 1986

102.7 FM Chicago WBMX

From a cassette labelled Midwest Aircheck MW# 122, Dan Shannon is on the old 102.7 WBMX Chicago.

They call this 102-7 the NEW ‘BMX. This is Contemporary Urban, or whatever they were calling the format back then. Mixed in with a lot of crossover Top 40 hits, WBMX had a captive audience in the Dan Shannon show.

I don’t know much more about either Dan Shannon or WBMX Chicago, other than the call letters were changed to WVAZ on 10/19/88. As of this writing the WBMX call letters reside in Boston at 104.1, the former frequency of WBCN. Prior to moving to that frequency in ’09, the call letters were in use at 98.5 having replaced the old WROR on 02/26/1991.

102.7 FM Chicago, WBMX


  1. Tony C

    Great Station WBMX , They had great radio talent and 10 strong songs in a row
    WBMX call letters are now here in Boston

    WBMX Oak Park -Chicago

    • WBMX Was Not The Only Station That Had 10 Strong Songs In A Row, Detroit’s WJLB & Boston’s WZOU Did The Same As Well.

  2. Don

    I was the one who originally put this aircheck together.
    WBMX was in a head to head battle with WGCI.
    Both stations played urban contemporary music, a lot of those songs crossed over to CHR.

    WGCI countered WBMX’s 10 “strong” songs with 11 “power” hits. So WBMX countered with 12 “strong” songs. Then WGCI kicked it up to 13. I think it hit a pinnacle at WBMX’s 14 !!

    WBMX changed call letters to WVAZ…..V-103 and became the first Urban/Adult Contemporary station.

    • Don – thank you for your comments. I’ll be doing some audio restoration on this one shortly and when it’s done I’ll re-post it with your comments.

  3. tutenmaton

    Oak Park and The Windy City’s turning to The New BMX 102.7 – that’s the sweeper from the sexiest FM station in Chicagoland.

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