Jumpin’ Jack Flash, 94.1 WOGY “Froggy 94” Memphis | June 4, 2000

94.1 FM Memphis, WOGY, Froggy 94

In making this presentation, it was difficult to combine brevity with a complete background picture of WOGY as it was in 2000 as compared with the station that followed it, WMBZ “The Buzz”, or even the next two stations that followed, Rhythmic WSNA “Snap 94.1!” and Classic Hits 94.1 WKQK. Forgetting for a moment that the origins of then WOGY go back to 1978, and on 94.3 FM, along with the guy who started the station, Sam Phillips, who got the call letters WLVS, specifically to honor Elvis Presley.

With that out of the way, imagine yourself in Memphis Tennessee during one of their legendary June heat waves. It’s 95 in the shade, the Tunica Mississippi Casinos are advertising everywhere – TV, Billboards and Radio (you’ll hear a couple of promotions and spots for “Sam’s Town” in this scope…). Froggy is in its last full year as a Country station, the promotions budget is full and the format is tight – as tight as it’s going to get.

The station mascot was a giant frog. Actually, Tripp (Hurst), I’ve long since forgotten his ‘frog’ name, got his start at Froggy 94 as the guy who wore this big, wooly frog suit at all the station remotes. Blazing heat, frigid Winter cold, he was there whether indoors or out, at night clubs and car dealerships, Tripp and the frog were there handing out Froggy 94 bumper stickers and key chains.

On air, mornings were held by Polly Wogg and Danger Frog (Judy Shore and Jeremy Mulder). Judy had come from 650 WSM and where she went after Froggy I never knew. Jeremy went on to Froggy 98 in Pittsburgh. Middays were held down by Jeff “Webb”, Afternoons were done by PD Matt Albritton as “Forrest Jump”. Your humble webmaster did fill in and weekends as “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The station personalities were all given frog names, and the names were recycled over the years ad-nauseum, as were all the on air frog-isms. But if you got by the theme, it was a great sounding Country station, used by first, Sinclair Broadcasting and later, Entercom, as a flanking move to steal ratings from Country giant WGKX “Kix 106″… which shared AC numbers with WOGY sister station 104.5 WRVR “The River”. It worked with a degree of success.

We’ll post more Froggy 94 in the coming months, along with more descriptions of the radio battle waged in the city of Memphis. For now, lets listen to Jumpin’ Jack Flash on Froggy 94!

94.1 FM Memphis, WOGY, Froggy 94


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