Dan Walker, 1240 WWCO Waterbury CT | 1979

1240 Waterbury CT WWCO

1240 Waterbury CT WWCO

Contributor Angello Vecchiarelli is an archivist of Waterbury and Naugatuck Valley radio stations.   There is a page for Waterbury area stations on Facebook which includes WATR, WNVR, WNAQ and WWCO.  Look it up if you’re interested in Waterbury area radio.

Here’s one that our Contributor sent in over a year ago.  It’s very short, but then again, airchecks of WWCO tend to be quite rare, despite the popularity of this station and it’s FM station on 92.5 – WWYZ.

There’s really not much to describe here. A few commercials, two talk breaks from Dan Walker and one WWCO jingle. But that should be enough to give you the listener a feel for how the station sounded all those years ago.


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