Dennis Dillon, WLFX “X100” Winchester VA (Lexington KY) | 1992

Sometimes it’s exceedingly difficult to dig up much information on an old radio station. This is one of those hard to find stations that went through a number of format changes and call signs over the years. Like most, this station was gone before the time of the internet and therefore, there’s not even a logo left around from an old website to find.

This recording is of Dennis Dillon. We don’t really know where he went after X100 but perhaps there is someone out there who does. This is an upbeat station with a lot of variety – a station not afraid to play the big Hair bands along side the emerging rap artists. We’d consider it ‘mainstream CHR’ today.

The WLFX call letters are on another frequency in the market today, on a completely different radio station. Perhaps this will harken some 30-somethings back to a different time, one that has largely been ignored… until now.


  1. Hi Steve,

    This was a aircheck that I made back in 1992 on a summer vacation near Mount Vernon, Kentucky. I was unable to pull WLFX from where I was staying at, so I took a drive to Winchester (where WLFX’s studios were located) where I’ve managed to find the studios. While the station didn’t have any bumper stickers to give away (they were in the process of being LMA’ed at the time), I did manage to get a copy of their weekly playlist. I do remember the station’s lobby had a stained glass skylight featuring the WWKY (their then-AM counterpart) and WFMI “100-FM” (the CHR predecessor to WLFX).

    Time was running out for WLFX’s CHR format (which was the only one in the market at the time). In the fall, WLFX’s LMA (and later purchase) by AC outlet WMXL went through and after a brief time simulcasting WWKY’s then-Adult Standards format, the format was changed to Hot Country as “Young Country 100.1” under the WWYC call letters. The frequency is now Album Rocker WKQQ after a frequency and format swap in the mid-90s.

    Dennis Dillon, BTW, is still in Lexington at WKQQ.


  2. Keith

    Dennis Dillon is still in Louisville, at WKQQ. He has been there for 15 years.

  3. Wow. Was that really me? Still, ‘Live from Lexington’… Same frequency too. After leaving the station I saddled up in Chattanooga for 3 years and then had the opportunity to return to the Commonwealth. I’ve been here programming WKQQ (and WMXL) since Fall 1995. Thanks Robyn for taking the time to post this lost treasure! You Guys Rock!

  4. Kevin

    Man, do I miss LIVE Lexington Top 40 radio. I always enjoyed X100 because it was the only Top 40 format station at the time and boom, the station went country. Thanks for the memories!

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