Ed Williams, WCBS-FM New York | July 10, 1972

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WCBS FM 101 New YorkCourtesy of Contributor Henry Nelson (WHRK, WMC-FM), here’s one of the earliest incarnations that we can find of Oldies 101 WCBS-FM!

Were it not for Bill Gilliam giving the date at the start of the 10pm newscast, we’d have guessed this aircheck to be from 1971 or so.


Modern day programmers would cringe at Ed Williams’ delivery. Talking over the ends of songs, in most breaks, not a mention of the radio station call letters… I’m not sure where Williams went after WCBS-FM, but someone may know. This aircheck is so different from all the other ones of 101.1 that it’s not even worth comparing. If this is the overnight show (and I think this is, but it could be daytime) then the laid-back delivery fits, if not, then Williams was on an FM station going up against Ron Lundy over on WABC, and nobody was going to beat Lundy! Lots of do-wop songs in format, and while it’s cool to hear, certainly way out of place is hearing “If” by Bread, which would have been a recurrent since it was recorded the year before, in 1971.

There’s a lot of bleed through from an earlier recording on this tape, or there was a microphone on in the room… or perhaps interference from another radio station (although this is not likely because its on FM).

Heard toward the end of this recording is a short but full newscast delivered by Bill Gillian. The news starts out with Gillian telling us the date of this recording, and a ‘This Date in History’ segment (a nuclear test explosion). You’ll hear about a total eclipse occurring in NYC and seen around North America this date before the recording runs out.





  1. Derrick

    Thanks for posting this aircheck. Bill Gilliand, newsreader on this aircheck, was a CBS staff announcer. I did not know he did news. Thanks for posting.

  2. Steven Green

    The early days. I can not think of an earlier aircheck of WCBS-FM as an oldies station than this one.

    I don’t remember a local news reporter on the overnight show. For most of their history, the only time they played CBS (network) news was on the hour from Midnight to 5 AM.

  3. W.B.

    Also of interest was the use of a teletype SFX during Mr. Gilliand’s newscast. How many years did ‘CBS-FM use such a sound on their news?

    In addition, I think Mr. Gilliand’s newscast was from the afternoon . . . and in those days, only CBS’s New York-based staff announcers (including Allan Berns, Wally King, Pat Canal, Dave Campbell, Bob Hite, Don Robertson, Gaylord Avery et al.) handled the newscasts for ‘CBS-FM. It wasn’t until later in the decade that actual newscasters began doing so (including Judy DeAngelis, now one of the morning anchors on 1010 WINS).

  4. Gerry

    This was a mid-day show, hence Ed’s plugging of Bobby Wayne at 2 o’clock.

  5. Mary G. D'Angelo

    Wanted to let you know my father along with Bob Hite and roger Foster has passed which I think you might already know but thought I would write in to thank you for having his name still around because I remember him running the news program for WCBS FM and remember visiting the station alot growing up. If any one there would like to see his obit it is on //www.loylessfuneralhome.com thank you again, Mary Gilliand D’Angelo, Bill’s daughter

  6. Thank you for the radio spot that you did on my father, Dad was heard all over. I am Bills daughter and miss him very much.

  7. Thank you for that spot on my father Bill Gilliand, i am his daughter and will miss him very much. If you could send me some of his clips of his news spots I would appretiate them very much and again thank you. Mary Gilliand D’Angelo

  8. dave.arnold3@gmail.com

    Ed Williams came to cbsfm from wlibfm which became wbls.in the early days it had a jazz format which ed did.cbsfm had just switched to oldies 6 days earlier when this aircheck was made.

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