Human Newman, WHTZ Z100 New York | May 21, 1993

100.3 FM New York, WHTZ, Z100

1993 was an interesting year for pop music. One listen to Z100 and you instantly understand that Alternative Rock was THE hot music in ’93, although while you’d never hear it on this station, Country had exploded onto the national music scene as well. Conspicuously missing on Z100 is anything resembling a beat, except that this is Flashback Friday and the second half of this aircheck is solidly 1980s Pop.

This is our first aircheck featuring the jock known as Human Newman, and he fits right into the sound of Z100!

100.3 FM New York, WHTZ, Z100

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  1. William

    MORE FROM 1993! The composite featuring Human Newman, Elvis Duran, the Z-Zoo and Chio!

  2. MGD4Ever

    I think the actual date of this aircheck should be May 14 1993. The final episode of Cheers aired on May 20th, and Human Newman mentions that the final episode is only six days away. Anyway, cudos to Newman for keeping the energy up as best he could, given the lack of energy in most of the pre-flashback songs. Btw, is the Z100 tribute still coming, or is this aircheck part of it? Thanks for posting this. it’s a perfect example of the odd state of pop music in 1993, and the next few years to come.

    • Yes it is. I got seriously sidetracked by family issues. That couldn’t be helped. Labor day, maybe?

  3. William

    Looking forward to the tribute Steve hopefully alternative airchecka will be a part of it!

  4. Jason

    What an awesome station, it was definetly the new sounds of z100, you dont really hear that much Alternative yet. Check this one out from 1993 also, probably a few months later as it sounds more edgier and more bands., from the same you tube user , he has one from 1995, what a different sound a few yrs make.

  5. warren obrien

    Human is awesome! Listened to him when he was here in Boston at ‘ZOU. One of the greatest top 40 DJs of his era.

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